How to ride the subway in Seoul (+video)

Since Seoul is the capital city of Korea, the traffic in Seoul is much complicated than the other cities. Way too many cars on the road therefore, recommend to take a subway rather than a bus.

The subway system in Seoul very straightforward and easy to use. Every subway system in Korea is written in both English and Korean, definitely it is a convenient for English speaker.

First thing to do before riding the subway

In order to ride subway in Korea, you need to purchase either one of two transportation cards.

1 – Rechargeable T-MoneyCard
2 – Single use T-MoneyCard

I would recommend to purchase the 2nd option which is single use T-MoneyCard. The T-MoneyCard can be used all type of the public transportation in Seoul (Bus, Taxi, Subway) and also you can use it from convenience store.

First, purchase T-MoneyCard
Second, choose your language
Third, pay to the machine
Fourth, take the card when it is loaded

When it is loaded, you need to place your T-money card on the card reader which is attached to the subway gate then the gate will open. I highly recommend you should watch the video while you are reading this article.

ride the subway Seoul video

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